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Published since 1981, making it the most established monthly golf magazine in Asia.

Since it’s inception, GOLF MALAYSIA has provided access into the golfing community for parties wishing to target this elite niche market.

Editorial content covers everything related to golf the game and golf the industry.

The growth and expansion of the local golf industry is given special emphasis in GOLF MALAYSIA, while the regional and international golf arenas hold the spotlight due to their influence on the growth of the local market.

The editorial window is comprehensive providing in-depth reporting on every facet of golf, making it the most sought after magazine by serious golfers and players in the industry.

GOLF MALAYSIA is the No.1 National Magazine whose audience comprises middle and upper income brackets inclusive of nobility, CEO’s, Chairmen, board of directors, senior executives, politicians, the top echelons in business, professional golfers, as well as golf club owners, managers and senior staff.

GOLF MALAYSIA is associated with the following golf associations:

  • Professional of Golf Malaysia (PGM) • Professional Golfers Association of Malaysia (PGAM) • Malaysia Golf Trade Association (MGTA) • International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) • Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) • Malaysian Ladies Golf Association (MALGA)
  • Malaysian Senior Golfers Society (MSGS) • International Network of Golf Society, USA (ING)



Golf clubs throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and Brunei receive complimentary copies of GOLF MALAYSIA. In addition, our distribution network reaches the following:

  • MPH Outlets Nationwide • Major Newsstands • Government Offices from the Prime Minister down through the ranks
  • Captains of Industry • Through golf club pro-shops and independent golf shops • Major sports retail outlets • Major departmental stores (books/magazine section) • Selected newsstands including Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA & LCCT) • Major hotel book shops & kiosks • Direct subscription – on individual order and through bulk order from golf clubs on behalf of their members • Direct order from golf tournament organisers – Golf Malaysia magazine subscriptions are given out as prizes to the winners and, at times, to all players as part of their Goody Bag items • Official Organ of the PGM Tour • Official Media Partner for professional/corporate/private golf tournaments • Golf club libraries and lounges • Up-market café’s • Tourism Malaysia Offices • Selected Hotel


Reaching An Exclusive Niche Market

According to the National Golf Foundation, golfers are the most affluent and sought after demographic group.

GOLF MALAYSIA Magazine surveys of our readers revealed that:

  • 96% of golfers own two vehicles per household • 90% play golf on vacation • More than 72% travel overseas at least once a year for pleasure • More than 60% have purchased a new vehicle in the past year • More than 60% hold professional and managerial jobs • 45% own at least one real estate property; 55% have more than two • 90% are computer users • 43% consume beer/alcohol immediately after a round of golf


Golf Malaysia Hole-In-One Club

Membership Base: Over 20,150 golfers (as of October 2014)

The Golf Malaysia Hole-in-One Club is the only Malaysian archive that keeps a “Roll of Honour” of registered golfers who have achieved their elusive dream . . . a Hole-In-One on a golf course in Malaysia or Brunei.

Golfers who shoot a hole-in-one and register with the Golf Malaysia Hole-In-One Club enjoy exclusive privileges that include being awarded a certificate of achievement, a selection of sponsored gifts, qualify for a Golf Malaysia Hole-In-One Club Discount Card that entitles them to VIP treatment; FREE and special discounts/privileges at various golf courses and establishments and qualify to play in the annual Golf Malaysia ‘Ace of Aces’ Championship.


Golf Malaysia Eagles Club

Membership Base: Over 7,250 golfers (as of October 2014)

The Eagles Club was set up in the second half of 1998 and offers eagle scorers on Malaysian golf courses the recognition they deserve. Apart from the prestige, Eagle achievers are awarded a certificate of achievement, sponsored gifts and a golfing voucher plus an opportunity to play in the annual Golf Malaysia Eagles Championship.




Each year, Golf Malaysia magazine sponsors and organises exclusive golf tournaments, namely:


Golf Malaysia ‘Champion of Champions’ Championship

Established in 1986, known as The Masters of Amateur golf for its caliber and traditional Green Jacket, it is a regional event open to the top amateurs – Golf Club Champions (Men, Women & Seniors) from clubs throughout Malaysia & Singapore, who compete for the supreme title: “Golf Malaysia Champion of Champions”.


Golf Malaysia Eagles Championship

This championship is organised annually exclusively for members of the Golf Malaysia Eagles Club.


Golf Malaysia’s Craziest 18 Championship

Established in 2010, this regional event is open to all amateur golfers throughout Malaysia.

Golf Malaysia created the Craziest 18 with the view to giving out prizes for novelty events on every hole on the course, enabling players to win prizes above and beyond their dreams as well as having a shot at the main prizes too.


Golf Malaysia ‘Ace of Aces’ Championship

Established in 1989, this annual championship is organised exclusively for members of the Hole-In-One Club golfers.

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